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The 10 Best Gaming Chairs in 2021

Here are our top picks for the 10 best gaming chairs that fit every need of the PC gamers with any budget.

If you’re looking for a comfortable seat to sit and play video games then you should seriously consider a gaming chair. Whether you’re a newbie, casual or a hardcore gamer, you’ll be able to find a right gamer chair here.

While it is important to take care of your back and getting the winning performance in video games so buying a right gaming chair is very tempting.

We think the noblechairs Icon Computer Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair for most people thanks to its freshly moulded cold foam, flexible 4D armrests and premium stitching.

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In this guide, we’ll walk-through the computer gaming chairs that are top-rated. The walk-through also break down the highlighted features and tested specs help you prepare your own mind.

Here is our list of the 7 Best Gaming Chairs.

noble chair

The nobleicon leather chair is our top rated chair for gamers.

Read our guide to sit up straight and improve posture while sitting.

The Best Gaming Chairs You Can Buy Today

best gaming chairs

#1 – Secretlab Omega

The best gaming chair all-around

Read our full secretlab omega review.

Specifications & Features

Seat: Leather
Max Recline: 85-165 Degrees
Base: Aluminum Alloy
Frame: Steel
Max Sitting Weight: 290 LB

secretlab omega

The prime PU leather seat that makes secretlab omega four times more reliable than any computer chair. The comfortable head and lumbar pillow made with memory foam enhance your overall playing experience.

Lock or unlock any tilt position and play like a pro. Get the desired reclining position with its adjustable backrest. Personalize the 4D armrest that perfectly suits your sitting posture. The aluminum base is built to offer impeccable stability.

Extra-large PU wheels are housed in the base that glides smoothly and they are floor-friendly. This award-winning video game chair is designed to last.

Enjoy multi-tilt functionality and a full recliner with this video game chair. You can play, work, read, watch, and even take a nap on this top-notch chair for games.

Its robust aluminum base ensures ultimate sturdiness and stability. The PU casters enable you to move effortlessly without scratching the floor.

Excluding massager and high price tag, there is nothing else to worry about. In case there is any good alternate buying option, then consider AKracing master series chair to fit every need.


  • Memory Foam Pillows
  • Ample Support
  • Multi-tilt Mechanism
  • Aluminum Wheel Base
  • XL PU Caster wheels


  • A bit more expensive
  • No massager

#2 – Noblechairs Icon

The best comfortable gaming chair

Specifications & Features

Seat Material: Polyurethane
Overall Weight: 62 lbs
Max Recline: 135 Degrees
Body Frame: Steel
Max Sitting Weight: 330 LB

noblechairs icon

The diamond pattern with seat combined with the porous cold foam gives more pleasant experience even at the hottest days. The soft polyurethane material of the 4D armrests makes sure to provide the long-lasting softness and comfort for whole day.

Moreover, the lightly textured surface also contributes to the comfort. The base is balanced and strong with its five arms, it enable user to recline and relax the backrest.

Furthermore, the casters contains polyurethane coating and nylon cores runs so smoothly on multiple surfaces. It is expertly designed because of its solid steel frame, standard stitching and style.

It will not only provide you comfort and relaxation but also makes you look classic. It also includes both neck and lumbar massage cushions to provide extra support.


  • Optimal Breathable Seat
  • Flexible Armrests
  • Massive Load Capacity
  • Premium Stitching
  • Freshly Moulded Cold Foam


  • Limited color options
  • Narrow back

#3 – AKRacing Master

Best big and tall gaming chair

Specifications & Features

Seat Material: Faux Leather
Overall Weight: 57 lbs
Max Recline: 180 Degrees
Body Frame: Steel
Max Sitting Weight: 331 LB

akracing master

For luxurious comfort, the AKRacing Master Series has superior quality PU leather. Its metal construction has an anti-corrosive coating to ensure long-last and durability.

The cold cured foam padding delivers magnificent comfort over longer gameplay. The gamers can adjust armrests high up, way down, or rotate them side wise as per desire to maintain a healthy sitting posture.

It has advanced rocking functionality with adjustable tension and various tilting positions that let you win any battle.

Its robust five-star base has sturdy PU casters that swivel across the carpet and other surfaces without scratching any of them. It glides smoothly and does not produce any creak and squeak.

If you have an average size room, it may cause space issue as well as mobility issue. Also walk-through the noblechairs icon chair as it’s the perfect solution for compact space without missing any feature.


  • Leather Upholstery
  • Lockable Tilt Positions
  • Cold-cured Foam Padding
  • Anti-corrosive Coating
  • High Tensile Aluminum Base


  • Takes more space than ordinary chairs

#4 – Secretlab Titan Stealth

The best high-end gaming chair

Read our full secretlab titan review.

Specifications & Features

Seat Material: Carbon Fiber PVC
Overall Weight: 77 lbs
Max Recline: 175 Degrees
Body Frame: Aluminum
Max Sitting Weight: 290 LB

secretlab titan

Get extra support with the Secretlab memory foam headrest that also comes with a cooling gel coating to keep your head cool. Its adjustable lumbar support lets you adjust your preferred depth and have a blissful experience.

Enjoy the ergonomic support of this PC gamer chair with its backrest recliner. Adjust the backrest to the desired position, lock that position, and have countless fun.

Play with confidence, as it has a class 4 KGS gas piston that ensures long-term stability, safety, and durability. Its machine-stitched classy logo enhances the overall sophisticated look of this seat.

It maintains the signature plush feel so that you can sit longer and feel pleasant. To ensure fabulous quality, the leather is tested against humidity, abrasion, flexing, and sweat.

It pampers yourself with the dream-like comfort of NAPA leather that is buttery-smooth, flexible, extremely cool and has an original leather texture.


  • Signature Memory Pillows
  • Cold-Cure Foam Mix
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Full-Metal 4D Armrests
  • Full-length Backrest Recline


  • Costly as compared to similar chairs
  • Missing lumbar pillow

#5 – Respawn 900

An affordable mid-range gaming chair

Read the respawn 900 review here.

Specifications & Features

Seat Material: Leather
Overall Weight: 48.5 lbs
Max Recline: 135 Degrees
Body Frame: Metal
Max Sitting Weight: 275 LB

respawn 900

The respawn 900 contains high back with multiple padding at the bottom, armrest, and back which provides enhanced comfort. The segmented padding and the removable headrest provides the ultimate comfort.

It also has a removable side pouch present at the life side where you can keep game controllers and other such things. Furthermore, it also consists of cup holder at the left arm.

There is no space between the footrest and frame so that no wires get caught. The footrest works independently and allow you to control fully according to your required position.

Respawn 900 provides a complete freedom to move in any direction. Furthermore, it has enough padding at the back that provides comfort.

The headrest pillow available at the neck moves around to provide the better support for both neck and head. So choose any position and go for it without any second thought.


  • Plush Removable Headrest Pillow
  • Fully Functional Recliner
  • Side Pouch
  • Cup Holder


  • A bit difficult to transport
  • Footrest may take time to get use to

#6 – X Rocker SE2

The best gaming chair with huge seat

Read our x rocker se review.

Specifications & Features

Material: Black Leather
Overall Weight: 44 lbs
Max Recline: 170 Degrees
Body Frame: Steel
Max Sitting Weight: 350 LB

x rocker se 2

Rocker SE provides a professional feel because it doesn’t only enables you to hear the sounds but also lets you feel it.

It has dual speakers and a sub woofer to increase your enthusiasm while playing a game.Its control panel gives you the freedom to adjust volume and bass.

It also allows you to connect the headphone and desired smart devices. X rocker se 2.1 is a great choice within low-budget with nice smart connectivity.

Its quick folding mechanism makes it portable while the padded headrest, stable armrest and comfortable seat is the reason of it’s best selling among all chairs.


  • Fully Tilt and Swivel Seat
  • Strong Pedestal Base
  • Wireless Smart Connectivity
  • Great Value and Comfortable
  • Built-in Speaker and Sub-woofer


  • No footrest
  • Headrest lacks quality

#7 – Corsair T3 Rush

The best gaming chair with very comfortable armrests

Read the corsair t3 rush review.

Specifications & Features

Seat Material: Polyurethane
Overall Weight: 49.6 lbs
Max Recline: Yes
Body Frame: Steel
Max Sitting Weight: 265 LB

corsair t3

The soft breathable fabric contours your body to keep you cool by retaining minimal heat and let you stay relaxed and game longer. The padded headrest is wrapped in microfiber fabric for extraordinary support.

With the incredible armrests, you can get the desired sitting posture by adjusting the height of your armrests in forward, backward, left, and right directions. They are slide resistant and are especially helpful in summer to keep your arms cool.

You can effortlessly increase the height up to 10mm. This seat also has a lockable seat tilt of 10°. Even if you are 6″5″, it is still a premium choice for you as it has adjustable height, armrests, and backrest too.


  • Motor-sport Style Seat
  • Padded Neck Cushion
  • 4D Armrests
  • Class 4 Gas Lift
  • Memory Foam


  • Footrest is absent
  • Body frame quality is just average

#8 – DXRacer RAA106

The Best gaming chair with high back

Read the DXracer RAA106 review.

Specifications & Features

Seat Material: Foam
Overall Weight: 48 lbs
Max Recline: 135 Degrees
Body Frame: Steel
Max Sitting Weight: 220 LB

DXracer raa106

Although the dxracer body is sleek in appearance but it is going to serve you with maximum comfort at the minimum size. The racing body style looks spectacular yet comfortable.

The breathable mesh material and lumbar cushioning makes it highly durable which means it is going to stay with you for a longer period of time.

DXRacer RAA106 is perfect to ease your life because of its high backrest which is filled with standard mold shaping foam and elastic leather cover.

It comes with adjustable angular backrest and also tilt-rocking feature.


  • 360° Swivel Caster
  • Tilt Control Reclining Seat
  • High Density Shaping Foam
  • 15 Degree Rocking Mode
  • Ergonomic Head Pillow


  • Lumbar pillow is somehow uncomfortable

#9 – Respawn Omega 2

The best gaming chair with a very large footrest

Specifications & Features

Seat Material: Vinyl Leather
Overall Weight: 42 lbs
Max Recline: 155 Degrees
Body Frame: Metal
Max Sitting Weight: 275 LB

respawn omega

The respawn omega 2 contains extendable footrest where you can kick up your feet for whole day and night.

The good thing is you can fold the footrest under the seat base when you don’t want to use it. As this game was first advertised for the Fortnite players so it contains cushioning in outfit color.

Well, it does not mean that other users cannot buy it or it will not be suitable for them. It is for everyone. The material used in the item is stain resistant and suitable for long term usage.

The seat contains infinite lock positions. It reclines 360-degree of swivel movement that enable user to move in any direction without any hurdle.


  • High Back With Segmented Padding
  • Integrated Headrest
  • Infinite Locking Reclining Positions
  • Stain-resistant Body
  • Padded Comfortable Armrests


  • Very thin armrests

#10 – Gtracing Pro

The best gaming chair for those who want racing style seat

Read our full Gtracing pro review.

Specifications & Features

Seat: Faux Leather
Overall Weight: 52 lbs
Max Recline: 90-170 Degrees
Body Frame: Metal
Max Sitting Weight: 300 LB

Gtracing pro

GTracing GT890MF is there to bring life to your overall video game experience with the high-end bluetooth sound system.

Its sound system can perfectly work within the range of 5 meters from the device. You are free to connect it to your gaming console, mobile, laptop, and other devices.

Charging takes only three hours and provides you with 6 hours of immersive gameplay.

To make GTracing GT890MF a superb choice for different ages, it has adjustable seat height and armrest features. Cushion head and lumbar massage pillow are housed in it to provide you with the utmost convenience.


  • Rocking Swivel
  • Long-range Dual Bluetooth Speakers
  • Retractbale Footrest
  • 3D Armrest


  • Seat lacks softness

How To Choose the Best Gaming Chair

We have researched about choosing the video game chair. To buy a durable and long-lasting computer chair, you must consider following key factors.

Form Factor

For children or Play Station gamer, a platform and a bean bag game chair works pretty well. If you love playing PC or desktop games, you need a PC or Pedestal seat. Pedestal chair does not have feature recliner and footrest. Whereas a PC gamer chair owns both these features.


For a durable sitting, seat needs to made up of premium leather and has breathable material. Don’t buy a gamer seat having fake leather. The density of foam also matters a lot. A metal base lasts much longer than a plastic base.


Adjustable backrest allows you to feel comfortable while playing, working, reading or watching. From 90°-180°, every video game chair has a different range of reclining angles. Practically a 180-degrees recliner is the perfect one. After getting tired you can easily take a nap.


Pick a gamer chair with rocking functionality. Rocking helps you in many ways. People suffering from anxiety can feel relaxing after sitting on a rocking chair. Rocking also plays an important role in getting sleep. While working or playing rocking gives a relaxing feel.

Height Adjustment

PC, Pedestal and Hybrid chairs have adjustable heights. On the other hand, Bean bag and platform chairs don’t possess this feature. Height adjustment is an important aspect to consider.


The fixed armrest does not feel comfortable for all environments. For a perfect sitting posture, you need adjustable armrests.


Headrest plays a vital role in supporting your head and neck. After working or gameplay for a long duration, you might feel a headache or neck pain. Headrest adds more comfort in the head area and reduces headache.

Waist Supporter

Waist supporter is essential if you want to play in a correct sitting posture. A waist pillow has an adjustable height feature. So that you can adjust it to the perfect location and get a healthy sitting posture. For a healthy sitting posture, select a good gamer chair with waist supporter.

Lumbar Massage

Sitting for a long duration may cause back pain. A lumbar massage helps in reducing back pain and gives relief to your back. Most of them have heat or vibration massage. Both of these massage works well in providing you with a pleasant feeling.


A plastic base is strong enough but is no match for a metal base. A metal base is the strongest one. If you love to move around that a metal base with little wheels is suitable for you. For a fixed place, a pedestal base may also work well for you.

Best Gaming Chairs: Buying Guide in 2021

Always go for a computer gaming chair that has denser foam and height-adjustable features. A strong metal base along with an aluminum base that ensures sturdiness will accompany you for the coming years. Headrest and lumbar pillows will add more comfort to your sitting.

Both of the supporting pillows must have premium-quality foam so that they can take good care of your head and waist. For extraordinary comfort, advanced seats have Massager embedded in the lumbar pillow.

Modifying your sitting positions can also provide relaxation and is possible if your video game chair has adjustable backrest angles. Armrests can also be one of the reasons. Padding armrest with various adjustable positions results in a super healthy sitting posture.

Without motion, some of you might feel comfortless. So for a comfortable chair look for a durable base with PU casters providing 360-degrees swivel. These casters glide smoothly and do not harm your floor.

For having the most satisfying feeling, the footrest is the last milestone in our comfort journey. Putting your feet on the footrest whilst playing gives you the most luxurious feel. A gamer chair might be useless if it does not have a firm and denser cushion that can handle extra pounds.

Gaming Chairs Tested and Reviewed

All the gamer chairs are reviewed and rated by experts for the key features like soft neck supporter, firm lumbar supporter, wide and comfy seat, etc. Recliner backrest adds more relaxation when combines with an extended footrest. The footrest allows you to bring your comfort to the next level.

rating chart

With still armrests, there is no fun in reclining. 3D or 4D armrests help in attaining your preferred comfort position. As these armrests are effortlessly be moved in forward, backward, left, right, up, down, and also rotated to bless you with pleasure.

Reclining angles are much helpful if you want to utilize your chair for games for other purposes.

Testing a gamer chair with several backrest positions helps you in utilizing it for video game, reading, working, and watching desired TV shows.

Other stuff like customizable seat height, 4D armrests, adjustable backrest, and more. Fixed armrests work well but adjustable option helps in the best sitting posture.

price chart

The below table shows the price and rating of all the good gaming chairs based on our in-depth reviews & performance test. Find out top-rated computer chair for any budget.

GCG received about 800 responses from video game chair owners who reviewed their chairs after playing games at PC. The rating starts from 1 (for worst) and goes to 5 (for best).

See our 5 Best PlayStation Games for PS4 and PS5.

Ten Reasons To Buy the Computer Gaming Chair

A video game chair is preferred as compared to any ordinary chair due to its following benefits

  • A video game chair is specially designed to attain a proper sitting posture that benefits your health. The headrest keeps your neck and head align and prevent aches.
  • Waist supporter supports your spines and lets you sit comfortably for a long period of time.
  • Adjustable armrest gives the freedom to change their direction in order to achieve a perfect sitting posture and prevent slouching. 3D or 4D armrests offer the comfiest sitting position.
  • Rather than playing games, a video game chair can be use to study or read any informative book. Watching popular movies and TV shows is also a possibility. You can also take a powerful nap to recharge yourself on a gamer chair.
  • They are compatible with almost all play stations allows you to play the most wanted games.
  • The solid-state sound system intensifies your attention by minimizing any surrounding sounds. Due to an outstanding sound system and vibrations, you can enjoy like never before.

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Gaming Chair

The computer gaming chairs are a great way to spend more time sitting during gameplay. They are really comfortable and own a number of dedicated settings for each individual.

Don’t get tired anymore and don’t miss the thrill of gaming even for a moment. For a casual gamer looking for an all-in-one PC gaming chair, we recommend the noblechairs icon real leather chair.

The frame is created perfectly while focusing on right sitting posture. The cold foam seat has a premium level of comfort you must consider along black leather and custom adjustment.

Gaming Chairs Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do computer gaming chairs help score better?

A: Yes, absolutely. A computer chair has a padded seat, recliner that focusing on game play for long durations. The headrest, armrest, waist pillow, and footrest permits you to maintain a good sitting posture. All these factors provide a better gameplay.

2) What are the primary features of gaming chairs?

A: The PC gaming chairs various features including a sound system and sub woofers provide you with a maximum simulation. So that you can focus on the game and achieve a high score.

3) How long do gaming chairs last?

A: Different chairs have different usage time. A mid-range chair can last 2-3 years. While a high-end chair last more than 3-4 years.