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Xbox One Review, Specification and Guide

What is Xbox? Xbox is a trademark owned by Microsoft. Xbox stands for Xbox Entertainment Studios, Xbox Live, and Xbox 360. The Xbox family covers almost every peripheral and software used for gaming and also include xbox one apps.


Xbox 360 is the last version of this console before the discontinuation of the original Xbox one and Xbox 360. Xbox Basic Xbox 360 Features Xbox Live Basics Xbox 360 Accessories What Is Xbox 360 Live? Where Can I Purchase Xbox 360 Games? What Are Xbox Kinect Systems? Xbox is a gaming system developed by Microsoft.

In the initial stages of development, Microsoft used a new technique to develop the game console. This new technique is known as Mantle technology. Mantle technology is a result of the advancements made by Microsoft in the field of graphics hardware.

Mantle is based on a set of standards that were developed by AMD. AMD introduced this technology in the original Xbox and has made it its own so that every console is able to use the same graphics engine and performance levels across different platforms.

The Xbox uses a new form of chip called the Xbox 360 SPU or state of the art semiconductor. The Xbox uses two chips for the console. Xbox 360 SPU is a low power, state of the art chip which is very similar to the PlayStation

Xbox 360 CPU is a quad-core microprocessor based on AMD’s new Jaguar core. When the Xbox was launched on the market in 1998, it became the first console to have a full CD-ROM drive, an internal hard drive, DVD/CD burner, as well as a modem for data transfer between the console and the external peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse.

Technical Specifications

Below are the key features that come built-in in this gaming console.

  • Other features included a wireless modem, which allowed players to connect to the internet through their personal computers, a hard drive that could hold games discs and more memory than the PlayStation.
  • The original Xbox was priced around one hundred dollars, and later versions came with a higher price tag, which is why it became a popular entertainment center among kids.
  • It is considered as one of the first games consoles, as well as the only game console that had an integrated web browser that allowed the users to chat with others, play online games, and play games on their TV.
  • The Xbox has now been released on the market for several generations. Today, there are many websites which offer you access to video games on your Xbox.
  • Some websites allow you to download Xbox games directly to your computer through your Xbox. With this feature, you will not be left without games because you already own an Xbox.

Xbox Controller

Another feature that makes Xbox gaming popular is its unique controller. The Xbox controllers include a thumb stick, a D-pad, two triggers, two A buttons, and four motion sensitive buttons that can be used to control all the video games.

The Xbox is considered as one of the few video game consoles, which is available in the market today. Many people who purchase the Xbox do so because of the variety of games that can be played, and they enjoy the flexibility that the Xbox offers, unlike other consoles.

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Xbox users have found a variety of applications that enable them to easily use the Xbox games on their home systems. Some of the most popular applications that the Xbox users have come up with are Xbox game changers, Wii remotes, and Xbox headsets.

With a variety of accessories and games to choose from, the Xbox is considered as the perfect entertainment console for your ultimate gaming experience. Don’t forget to pick the HugHouse Musso Gaming Chair for best combination and experience.