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Autofull Gaming Chair

The autofull PC gaming chair is a top selection among computer chairs that are available in the market. Most of them looks alike. However, you must find the one that meets all of your needs. This is because you are going to spend a good amount of time sitting at the seat. If you are at comfort, then you will be able to give your best in whatever you are doing either it’s a game or work.

If you are a newbie gamer and have no idea how to select the best computer gaming chair then don’t worry. Let’s have a look at autofull computer chair in detail.

autofull pc gaming chair

List of Specifications

  • Type: Computer Desk Chair
  • Series: Racing
  • Max Recommended Weight: 400 LBs
  • Max Recommended Height: 6’2″
  • Material: Carbon Fabric
  • Body: Metal Frame
  • Seat: 13cm Cushion
  • Back: High
  • Lift Mechanism: Level 4 Gas Lift
  • Armrests: 2D Adjustable up to 7cm
  • Casters: PU Rubber
  • Swivel: 360°
  • Base: Nylon
  • Recliner: 155°
  • Lumbar Cushion: Built-in /Adjustable
  • Headrest: Included / Adjustable
  • Overall Weight: 21 kg
  • Money Back Warranty: 30 Days

Overview of Autofull Gaming Chair

autofull chair back

If you are a pro gamer or a person who spend most of the time by sitting in front of the office desk then you must have a serious consideration at autofull chair. AutoFull has tried best to put all needed characteristic during manufactureing.

The first thing that gamers seek is comfort. With the thicker backrest and 13cm seat cushion will make your sitting affair awesome. Some people badly face the problem of neck and pain especially when they need to sit for long hours. This is because of its adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow support. These are very beneficial in providing support to neck and waist.


Another attractive thing is its lock feature. You can lock the back at any angle between 90 to 155 degrees. It also contains 360 degree swivel, 2 armrest and height adjustable seat. The great thing about the wheels are 360 degree rotation. It means now you can easily move in any direction.


The sturdy metal frame along with the heavy duty nylon base are perfectly suitable for the person having weight almost 400lbs. The distinctive design frame gives maximum comfort and support to its users.

autofull chair


Let’s walk-through the most prominent and primary features of autofull gaming computer chair here.

Multi Modes Customized Chair

This autofull is not only comfy but also serves greatly with its some other amazing attributes. No matter what activity you are going to perform, it is going to serve you best. Moreover, if you want to relax a little during work then make use of its 90-155 degree lockable back recliner characteristics.

Metal Frame

With this product by Autofall you are going to have premium quality material. It contains strong integrated metal frame that makes it super sturdy and makes sure that it stays with you for a longer time.

Nylon Base

The Nylon base is suitable for the person having weight up to 400 pounds. The PU leather and carbon fiber do not just make this item comfortable but also soft and long-lasting. Moreover, the with its SGS4 certified spring cylinder you will be assured that your seat is perfectly adjusted and you are fully protected.

13cm Thick Cushion

The thicker backrest and 13cm seat cushion makes this seat surprisingly comfortable. If you think about the neck and waist support, then a headrest and pillow support of this product is here for you. It means no more pains in the neck or at the back even if you sit for hours.

2D Adjustable Armrest

If you usually face problem because of the armrests positions. Well, nothing to worry anymore. This product by Autofall enable user to 7cm lift up and down plus 45 degree left and right rotation. It means these armrests are appreciably flexible and adjustable. It means now you can find the most comfortable position for your elbow with any issue.

Reclining and Rocking

You can play top video games and also perform your work at the autofull PC gaming chair by just changing the angle of rocking. However, with this product you can also take a nap if you want. This is because of its 155 degree reclining and 25 degree rocking feature. So, if you are tired you can effortlessly lean back between 90 to 155 degrees. Choose the angle that suits you best.

Reasons to buy autofull gaming chair

autofull gaming computer chair
  • Autofull gaming chair contains high standard carbon fabric that is high long-lasting and durable.
  • The 2D adjustable armrests enable user to perform 7cm lift up and down, and also 45 degree right and left rotation.
  • Lumbar pillow and head pillow are best at dealing with the neck and back ache.
  • The seat contains sturdy Nylon base which makes it suitable for the person having weight up to 400lbs.
  • Strong metal frame provides maximum protection to the user and long lasting guarantee.


The regular price of autofull gaming chair is $210. View the deal to get the best price here and avail the discount.

autofull chair price

Buying Options

By looking at the prominent features of autofull chair, if you think it satisfy all of your requirements then go ahead with the buying options now. Checkout the best buying option for autofull pc gaming chiar here.

Autofull Gaming Chair Unboxing Video Review

We know that most of the people usually look for comfort and support in the computer desk chair. The AutoFall gaming chair is an amazing choice that serves for both, gaming purpose as well as office work. You can make use of the 360 degree swivel and easily move around.

The backrest and cushion of the seat provides maximum comfort to the user. Even if you recline on the autofull chair you will face no back pain or injury. This is because of its lumbar and pillow. Moreover, the metal frame makes sure that you are getting the right position and you are completely protected.

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