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Corsair WW T1 Racing Gaming Chair | Reviews & Guide

For a professional gaming experience playing PC games, this Corsair gaming chair has high-quality upholstery. It has a sturdy steel skeleton along with a comfy cushion that makes it a durable and comfortable gaming seat. It possesses multidirectional armrests to achieve a flexible armrest position. With mechanical control, you can set the armrests to your desired position.

The headrest and lumbar pillow ensure utmost support to the most important parts of your body. Both of them are adjustable and offer a magnificent pleasant experience. The backrest of this cheap gaming chair lets you recline at any angle from 90 to 180 degrees. It also features an additional 10 degrees tilt functionality for further comfort. Its steel construction gas lift allows you to adjust the height with confidence.

The rolling castor provides a smooth gliding without leaving any scratches on your floor. Its strong base puts you in a position to score more and win any battle. So stay comfortable and enjoy unlimited victories with this top gaming chair.

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Whether you are in a battle or getting ready for a thrilling competition, this popular gaming chair by Corsair will provide you with superb comfort with adjustable neck and lumbar pillows. This computer gaming chair is manufactured with top-notch quality leather and has a steel structure to provide you with an immersive gaming experience.

Customize the overall height according to your preference with the height adjustable features and play games for hours in the desired comfort level. Its multi-directional armrests let you fluently raise and lower them without putting any pressure on your hands or arms. You can also move them in the left and right direction to acquire the best posture.

The robust steel base has strong nylon casters that will let you move or swivel without scratching any of your surfaces. It also has 10 degrees of seat tilt for a comfy sitting posture.
This racing style gaming seat is the best choice for office, home, and other places due to its premium quality material, high comfort level and, sophisticated design.

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Key Specifications

According to a rough calculation, a person spends 10 or more hours on a chair. So it’s very essential to use a comfortable chair to do maximum work and win numerous fights. Whatever style you prefer, Corsair T1 is a versatile gaming chair that perfectly suits your taste. This chair will accompany you for years to come by provides sturdiness, comfort, and durability.

Premium Construction

This racing style gaming chair has a steel frame that will ensure utmost strength. Premium quality leather along with polyurethane is used throughout the chair. The seat’s skeleton is also made up of steel so that you can enjoy maximum durability for the coming years.

Comfy Pillows

It has removable neck and waist pillows that are specially designed to bless you with the right amount of comfort. Both neck and waist supporters are wrapped in microfiber fabric that enables you to play and work with utmost comfort.

Back Recliner

This stylish gaming seat provides massive adjustable capability from 90 to 180 degrees. You can change the reclining angles according to your preference. It offers various reclining positions that will satisfy your reading, playing, working, watching, and resting needs.

Multi-directional Armrests

This popular gaming chair has armrests with 4D movement. You effortlessly move them in up, down, left, right, forward, and backward position. You can easily move and even swivel them until you attain your desired comfy position.

Stylish Stitching

Keeping different room’s décor in mind, this game chair is available in three different colors that perfectly match any setup’s style. The leather has clad for a sophisticated look. Its automotive has detailed stylish stitching that increases the overall look of the chair.

Smooth Casters

This computer gaming chair has smooth nylon caster wheels. These heavy-duty casters have incredible stability on all types of surfaces. They enable you to move and glide smoothly without any hesitation.

Quick Assembly

You can assembly this racing-style game seat within minutes. The whole process doesn’t require any expensive tools or too much effort. Without the need of any professional, you can assemble it without any difficulty.


  • Its height adjustable feature ensures its usage for the family having members of different heights.
  • Multi-directional armrests that help in maintaining the best sitting posture.
  • Just in minutes, you can assemble this computer gaming chair without any trouble.
  • The various reclining positions of this game chair satisfy your different sitting needs.


Corsair WW T1 Racing Chair price range is $299. Checkout the today’s deal to get best price and discounts.

More Buying Options

Assembling this computer chair will not take more than few minutes. This computer gaming chair has a powerful base with strong dual-wheel casters. These heavy-duty casters can glide smoothly through almost all types of floors without leaving scratches on them. It is pretty great even for bulky folk having a maximum of 264 lbs. weight. From kids to an adult, all can utilize this classy game chair for various purposes. For intense gamers, Corsair is the best choice as it offers sturdiness and comfort and will take your gaming to the next level.

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