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DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair: Review & Price Deals

If you prioritize quality, then this DXRacer FD101 chair is your destiny for comfortable gaming seat. The company is well-reputed and popular worldwide. They have gained the trust of numerous gamer by delivering the ultimate comfort for over a decade. DXRacer Formula Series has all the features you are looking for in a durable and comfortable game seat. It is a versatile chair that can be used for various purposes.

You can use it to play an action game, read a fantasy novel, watching a horror movie, office work, and even for napping after playing your best xbox games to play. It has an adjustable U-shaped armrest for premium arm support. Its adjustable features enable you to have a comfy sitting posture and reduces muscle strain. For smooth mobility, it provides a 360 degrees swivel. You can also set the seat’s height to make it even more convenient for work and gaming. It is specially designed to bestow you with a healthy sitting posture and thus boost up your working or gaming experience.

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Sitting in the same position for a long time can harm your back and other baby parts. Changing your position is necessary to maintain a healthy body. This computer gaming chair offers a huge angle adjustment to improve your comfort level. You can enjoy various sitting positions on different angles from 90 degrees to 135 degrees.

Play the desired game and set your best score by sitting at 90 degrees. At 110 degrees you can read an inspiring book, watch a favorite TV show or keep yourself updated with the latest news. At last, after playing games, working for long hours, you can take a restful nap at 135 degrees. It is an ideal chair that will satisfy your all needs.

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This comfortable gaming chair is manufactured from metal, foam, and nylon. Premium quality PU leather along with durable mesh is used in the backrest for optimal spinal support. Its padded mesh seat is breathable and gives a pleasant feeling. The finest quality mold shaped foam is used throughout the chair to provide cooling even when you sit for several hours.

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There is no match for its extra robust metal frame. The frame has a lifetime warranty that will blow your mind. SGS certificated gas lift and five-star base ensures that this computer gaming seat will last longer. With the base, five PU casters are attached that are two inches in size. They operate quieter and do not draw scratches on the surface.

Key Specifications

DXracer is a top pick for gamer loaded with spectacular features. Checkout the primary features of DXRacer formula series below here.

Ultimate Support

This popular gaming chair provides superb ergonomic support. Its removable headrest delivers the utmost comfort to the cervical spine. Padded lumbar pillow blesses your lumbar spine with outstanding support. Last but not the least, its comfy seat is ideal for caudal vertebra support.

Comfy Seat

For the perfect spinal adjustment, this game chair uses PU leather along with breathable mesh. The overall seat is padded with premium quality foam that bestows enthusiastic gamers with a cooling effect. DXRacer is the best choice for everyone due to the outclass material used in it.

Ideal Armrest

This computer game chair possesses specially designed U-shaped armrests. These armrests are padded and have an adjustable height feature to give you complete support. They relieve wrist pressure and strain on your muscles so that you can play and work in a comfortable environment.

Adjustable Back Positioning

Working in the same position for a long time brings tiredness and pain to your body. To keep your comfort in mind, this chair for gaming has an adjustable backrest. You can adjust the backrest angles from 90 degrees up to 135 degrees according to your requirement.

360 Degree Swivel

It also features gaming style casters that enable 360 degrees swivel and improves your mobility. These tiny casters are made from polyurethane to ensure smooth gliding and protect every surface from scratches.

Ideal Size

It is the best choice for kids who loves to play. The recommended height for this gaming seat is 5 feet and eight inches. It accommodates a maximum of 200 pounds with ease. This racing gaming chair is the best suitable companion for people with average height and weight.

Robust Base

This computer gaming chair is built to last for a long time period. SGS certificated gas lift of class-4 is used with the robust five start base. This sturdy construction ensures exceptional comfort along with stability.

Reasons To Buy

For enhanced ergonomics, this gaming chair has a padded headrest and waist cushion. You are free to adjust their position to achieve the best comfort level. The headrest delivers comfort to the cervical spine, the waist cushion supports your lumbar spine, whereas the seat supports the caudal vertebra. Thus this gaming seat is impeccable for the utmost support to your spinal. Here are the top reasons to buy DXRacer for your gaming needs.

  • DXRacer offers a mind-blowing lifetime warranty.
  • Its premium quality material supports your spinal and is ideal for a healthy sitting posture.
  • This gaming seat offers adjustable backrest angles from 90 to 135 degrees.
  • It is made up of a sturdy frame and premium quality material that lasts for a long time.
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Price & Conclusion

From top to bottom each and every bit and piece of this gaming chair is built to deliver utmost comfort. Play and work as much as you want because DXRacer is there to take care of your body. This gamer chair has quality material, different sitting positions, comfort, stability, and durability. Its black color with a stylish design is worth buying. So bring this game chair to your home for ultimate fun and comfort.

DXRacer Today’s Deal

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