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DXracer Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer gaming chair is best buying option for PC gamers looking to buy a great chair. It is great for computer and Xbox as well. DXRacer is famous for manufactureing racing chairs since 2006.

This brand is admired by people across the globe and has good reputation among gamers. Finally it is a perfect choice among our list of the 20 best gaming chairs for 2021.

With DXRacer, gamers are going to have variety of benefits including customized headrest, additional padding at backrest, cushioning, comfort, adjustable armrests and much more.

Overview of DXRacer Gaming Chair

DXRacer enables both regular and temporary players to sit comfortably for countless hours. We know that it is not easy to set continuously for hours as it may cause pain and leads to bad posture. In order to avoid such situations, dxracer chair which can give you maximum comfort is must have thing. The adjustable posture settings allow to play games without nap.


  • Type: Racer Style
  • Series: Racing
  • Seat Type: Ergonomic High Back
  • Rocker: 15 Degree Rocking Mode
  • Foam: High Density Mold Shaping Foam
  • Lift: Class 4 Gas Lift
  • Max Recommended Weight: 220 LBs
  • Max Recommended Height: 6 Feet / Adjustable
  • Seat Material: Foam
  • Chair Material: Leather
  • Body Frame: Metal
  • Armrests: 3D Adjustable
  • Caster: 360° Swivel
  • Adjustable Recliner: 135°
  • Lumbar Cushion: Included
  • Headrest: Included
  • Weight: 48 lbs / 23 kg

The appropriate and standard design of the DXRacer RAA106 Racing Series Gaming Chair helps in maintaining the healthy posture. You can spend hours sitting without getting any pain. Either you are playing PlayStation games or reading a book, dxracer chair is a great. You can lean back on it if you want to have some rest.


DXRacer Gaming Chair Features

dxracer specs

DXRacer RAA106 Racing Series Gaming Chair is a true choice because of great features. Let’s walk-through the specs below.

3D Adjustable Armrest

In order to reduce the muscle strain and wrist pressure, the adjustable padded armrests are here for you. These armrests provides optimal support to the forearm. It means your arms will be in ease completely either you are sitting for couple of hours or whole day. The good thing is you can adjust them according to your own requirements as they are not fixed.

Headrest and Lumbar Cushion

If you want to keep your back and head supported as well as protected then you must give a try. The additional headrest and enhanced lumbar pillow support is all you need yourself relaxed and pain free even after hours of sitting. The cushion provides super comfort to the user.

High Quality Foam

The backrest of this item contains high quality mold shaping foam and also an elastic leather cover design which keeps the body in shape and provides support to entire body. If you try dxracer gaming chair you are going to find it most comfortable.

360 Degree Swivel Caster

You are going to love the heavy duty base of dxracer chair with 360 degree swivel. This racing style caster is plated with polyurethane which provides smooth and soft gliding on almost every type of surface.

Tilt Mechanism

Do you want to take some rest while sitting? If yes, then dxracer chair is going to make it so easy for you with its effortless tilt mechanism. It provides adjustments of back angle up to almost 35 degrees. You can keep yourself at maximum comfort even whole day.

Reasons To Buy DXRacer Computer Gaming Chair

It is not only specified for the gaming purpose, some people find it best as a desk chair too. In other words, it will work for you in different environments. Another amazing thing about this product is its availability in four color schemes.

You can select the one which suits you best. The adjustable angle enable user to take naps while long hectic sessions at night or day time. Below are the key reasons to buy DXRacer RAA106 Racing Series Gaming Chair.

  • With this chair your complete spinal column will get support and comfort.
  • Helps maintaining the right and healthy posture.
  • RAA106 gaming chair is a universal chair. You can make sure of it in your office, home, or gaming place.
  • Consists of comfortable molding foam which is of standard quality.
  • Provides adjustable height, adjustable angular backrest, armrest, headrest, easy tilt mechanism and adjustment.

Dxracer Gaming Chair Price

The regular price of DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair is $330. Find the best price for the DXracer here. Check for today’s price and available discount coupon codes.

Dxracer Buying Options

Dxracer gaming chair from gaming racer series provides enough stability. Its footrest shaped base contains high quality nylon material which is sturdier if we compare it to steel. Strong mesh and PU provides all the comfort to keep yourself in ease. Furthermore, the leather used to design the DXRacer is of standard quality. All these things make the product durable.

Whether you are a pro gamer or a person who sit in front of desk day and night this DXRacer Gaming Chair is going to bring so much comfort in your life.

Dxracer Chair Unboxing & Video Review

We must say that DXRacer racing chair is functional as well as comfortable. The attractive thing is the specs sheet in a great price. The material used for its construction is high in quality. Racing design gives it cool look.