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Ficmax E-sport Computer Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a versatile video game chair that will accompany you everywhere, then this is your destiny. Ficmax gaming chair is the true gamer buddy to be utilized in the office or in your room for watching movies. Enjoy a full tilt of 180 degrees for a complete resting mode.

From 90° to a complete 180°, select different reclining angles that best suits your needs. Work, read your favorite book or a newspaper, watch TV shows, relax or even lay down for utmost relaxation. It also offers a retractable footrest.

Moreover, using the extended footrest, you can even take a nap on it. The ficmax gaming chair is a combination of high-quality leather and heavy-duty metal frame. Premium quality dirt-free and fade-resistant material are used while making this trendy seat.

Full Specifications

Series: E-sport
Seat: Shaping Sponge
Type: Ergonomic
Max Recommended Weight: 350 LBs
Max Recommended Height: 6’1″
Material: PU Leather
Seat: Shaping Foam
Frame: Metal
Piston: Class 4 Hydraulic
Lift Mechanism: Yes
Swivel: 360 Degree
Max Recliner: 180°
Lumbar Cushion: Built-in
Headrest: Included
Lumbar Cushion: Included
Massage Pillow: Yes
Weight: 51 lbs
Warranty: 12 Months

Overview of Ficmax Gaming Chair

For the seat’s cushion, a 4.8 inches quality memory foam is used. This super comfy cushion lets you play for a long duration without causing fatigue. It is specially designed like the shape of the human body to extend your comfort. It perfectly fits the natural body shape and supports your head, neck, back, and legs. Its curved shape helps in maintaining a perfect sitting posture and supports your spine. Headrest plays a vital role in preventing headache and neck pain.

Ficmax Gaming chair review

Ficmax Gaming Chair Deal

This massage will help you helps in getting rid of back pain and improves your blood circulation. To enjoy this healing massage connect its USB cable in an electric socket. SGC certificated gas cylinder is used to connect the seat with the base. This gas spring is explosion-proof and thus provides maximum security. Its sturdy base has nylon casters.

Key Features

Below are the primary features of Ficmax chair for gamers.

Lumbar Massage

The massage functionality of this gaming seat reduces excruciating back pain. While working or playing sometimes you get exhausted. So no worries. Just attach the USB cable to an electric socket and enjoy a peaceful massage.

PU Armrest

This sophisticated chair features PU armrest. The armrest ensures awesome support. You can acquire the desired height of armrest by moving them up and down. When you get the necessary height, lock them with ease.

Full Tilt

Only a few game chairs offer a full tilt facility. Luckily, this gaming chair is among them. This computer chair offers you to tilt on 180 degrees and lets you enjoy an outstanding relaxing experience.

Adjustable Headrest

Headrest plays an important role in protecting your head and neck from aching. Fixed head pillows might create a problem for users of different heights. This gaming chair lets you adjust the headrest according to your comfort.

High-density Foam

A 4.8 inches thick memory foam is used in the seat’s cushion. This high-density foam ensures a pleasant sitting experience for long duration. Now play your desired game for hours without hurting your body.

Retractable Footrest

Footrest gives incredible support in a full recline mode. The footrest is made from durable material. The retractable foot area of this computer gaming chair is sturdy enough to ensure you long-lasting leisure time.

Sturdy Casters

Robust nylon casters are housed in this chair for gaming. The casters are so smooth. They are even tested a thousand times for their durability. The quality material of these casters prevents them from scratching the floor.


The regular price of ficmax gaming chair is $220. View latest deal to get best price and available discount.

Unboxing Assembly & Video Review

Reasons To Buy Ficmax Gaming Chair

  • 12 months of warranty.
  • ficmax gaming chair has a full tilt facility which offers a fabulous resting position.
  • It uses a dirt-resistant PU leather.
  • To fade away your stress, it has lumbar support with a massage feature.
  • To ensure durability, these smooth casters are tested a thousand times. It has a 360 degrees swivel and prevent your floor from scratching. It also features a maximum of 180 degrees backrest angle.
  • Acquire the most suitable rocking angle and make your gaming experience more comfortable.
Ficmax Gamer Chair

The good thing to consider in the ficmax gaming chair is the removable headrest that will bestow you with maximum comfortability. It also features PU armrests that offer utmost support to your arms. To acquire the required height move the handrails in the up and down direction. After attaining the preferred height, lock the armrests. To release your all-day fatigue, this gaming seat is equipped with a lumbar massage.

The footrest provides incredible support to your body especially when you sleep. The width of the backrest is about 21 inches, while the height is 32.5 inches. You can extend the height of this game chair by 4 inches. While the armrests are 10 inches long and are capable to extend up to 3 inches. Its comfy seat has a 15.5 inches width and a 21.5 inches depth.

After the full review, there is no doubt left behind in recommending the Ficmax as a super-charge chair for gamers. Just relax and enjoy every moment of game play. Be sure to check the X Rocker Gaming Chair for a more pleasant feeling as a strong rival.