Furious Gaming Chair

If you are fat then choosing the right gaming chair might be challenging for you. A lot of gaming chairs offer a maximum of 300 pounds of weight. But no worries, you still have a better option. The furious Gaming chair is there to be your gaming companion. It can accommodate 350 pounds without any trouble.

This versatile gaming chair helps you in every atmosphere. It is built from BIFMA certificated material. Its steel skeleton is enclosed with a super comfy sponge. This integrated steel frame ensures solid support. The premium leather used while manufacturing ensures wonderful permeability and superb elasticity.


A strong class 4 gas-lift is used to connect the base with the seat. It is flexible to move for extending the overall height. This gaming seat has a heavy-duty base made from metal. The base has 27 inches of circumference. Its mute PU wheels ensure excellent stability.

These casters are made from nylon and possess scratch-resistant property. The 360 degrees swivel lets you the freedom to move. Whether it’s your office or home, this gaming seat will definitely bless you with long-lasting comfort.

furious gamer chair

Technical Specifications

Furious is a decent choice for gamers looking for a very comfortable seat. Play hours of games sitting comfortably. Here are the primary features of Furious gamer chair.

Certificated Material

This stylish gamer chair uses BIFMA certified material. The whole skeleton is made from steel and enclosed with a comfy sponge. The surface is built from leather providing super permeability and wonderful elasticity.

Lumbar Massage

It has a supper massage with heat functionality. The heat massage helps in soothe tired muscles. So melt away your stress and get an incredible massage with gaming experience.

Headrest Pillow

Change the height of the headrest pillow as required. The headrest results in decent support for the head and neck. So play for hours as this gamer chair will take care of your head.

Reclining Angles

This game chair provides you the facility to recline as per your mode. Recline on 95 degrees for an ecstatic gaming mode. For work, reclining on 115o will be perfect. Recline on 135o for rest and 160o for lying mode.

Comfy Cushion

Its splendid cushion provides comfort so that you can work or play for a long time. To make the hips part comfortable, there are holes in that area. This breathable cushion has four layers that ensure maximum relaxation.

Heavy-duty Base

It has a heavy-duty base built from metal. For excellent stability, the base has mute PU wheels. It lets you the freedom to move with 360 degrees swivel. The base has a circumference of about 27 inches.

Adjustable Dimensions

The height of this sophisticated chair for gamers is 50 inches with 27 inches of width. As the height is adjustable you can increase it up to 54.5 inches. The armrests are about 11 inches high and are capable to extent up to 14 inches. The seat is 22 inches wide and tall.

Primary Reasons To Buy It

Beside the great specification, Furious has numerous reasons to purchase it. Lets walk-through the primary ones.

  • The splendid cushion provides you the comfort you desire. For the utmost relaxation, the cushion has four layers. Such as surface layer, fluffy cotton layer, a latex layer, and high-density sponge layer. The combination of these four layers results in luxurious comfort. It is made from breathable fabric.
  • There are holes in the hip area to provide you with maximum comfort. This game chair has a wide backrest. Its high-curved back is best for maintaining a healthy setting posture.
  • The backrest is covered with comfy and breathable leather. For you ease, it has an adjustable head pillow.
  • It supports your head and neck during long gaming hours. Its red and black headrest is eye-catchy and comfortable.
  • With all other fancy features, it also offers a magnificent massage. The heat massage located in the lumbar pillow soothes your sore muscles and improves blood circulations.
  • This massage also accelerates your metabolism and prevents your body from fatigue. So enjoy your thrilling game and let the massage heal your waist.
  • Its handrails are stable and adjustable. These armrests are qualified to be extended up to 3 inches. Due to their flexibility, they seamlessly match your all sitting postures.
  • This seat also provides a 20 degrees rocking functionality. You can also lock or unlock the rocking functionality as per preference. From 90-grees to 160-degrees, this game chair lets you choose the desired recliner.

Alernate Options

There are dozen things to consider before purchasing a gamer chair. The conclusion tells that Furious is a good choice to go for. Still there are great alternates available to buy. See the top rated X Rocker gaming chair review which is hot favorite. It justifies the features and price. Other than it, Hug House Musso is also recommended to check. It’s a nice package of specs and affordability.


In case of emergence, you will have 12 months of warranty. You will have the freedom to replace any defective part. In case of dissatisfaction, you can get a full refund with the first month. The whole package doesn’t include any user manual and installation tools. This gaming seat is not much expensive but there are still better choices in the market.

It lacks a footrest but contains all other features you need. It’s back and red color combination is so appealing. The overall look of this gaming chair suitable for any room’s decor. Furious is an innovative company. They are best known for the development of ergonomic chairs. As a final verdict, this video gaming seat is a good choice with a few give and takes.

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