Gtracing Gaming Chair: Specs, Review, Price & Pros

Sound along with visuals enhances the overall viewing experience and brings excitement. Playing games on a comfortable gaming seat with incredible sounds is just a blessing. For gamers, the GTracing is a sight for sore eyes and a strong structure that can accompany you for a long period. Enjoy endless best games of PlayStation with comfort and fun both at a time.

Its fame is made up of metal and tough in nature. Top-quality PU leather is used while manufacturing this chair. High-density foam is used in it to promote the best sitting posture. Its heavy-duty base endorses its strength and ensures its long-lasting use. For smooth mobility, nylon wheels are housed in its base and let you swivel at 360 degrees.


This gamer seat is equipped with a padded headrest and lumbar supporter to prolong your comfort. Its removable headrest prevents headaches and supports your neck to the great extent. The lumbar support provides the utmost comfort to your back and keeps it at ease. The back and the seat has thick padding to provide you with the best sitting posture.

To avoid any muscular pain in your arms, it is also armed with adjustable armrests. Learn how to sit properly to improve your body posture. As the posture is really important to avoid fatigue or ache due to bad posture. You can easily modify the armrest’s height according to your comfort level. To keep your utmost coziness into consideration, this gaming seat has a footrest system. The footrest is located under the seat for your ease of accessibility.

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You can unfold it when required and sleep at 170 degrees recliner to take rest. Resting at this incredible gaming chair is no less than resting at your bed. This computer gaming chair has awestruck Bluetooth speakers on the back. Only three hours of charging will bestow you with five to six hours of passionate gaming. Listen to music and relax your mind by connecting it to your smartphone.

This top gaming seat lets you connect any device via Bluetooth connection and enjoy the astonishing stereo sound via wireless speakers. Its awe-inspiring sound system is compatible with various devices including laptop, mobile, tablet, gaming consoles and more. Its sound system works seamlessly within five meters from your device and provides you with an immersive gaming experience.

Full Specifications

GTracing GT890MF is a fully loaded game chair for any gamer. Lets walk-through the main features:

Sturdy Body

For long-lasting enjoyment, you must need a gaming chair with a solid construction along with soft padded seat cushions. This game chair has a sturdy metal frame that bestows you with a comfy seating position during work and gaming.

Waist Pillow

To keep your body in the best posture, this game chair is equipped with a removable waist pillow. This lumbar cushion is also adjustable which makes it ideal for gamers, students, and other office workers.

Rocking Controller

Rocking functionality enables you to work or play in a relaxed position by smoothly rocking. There is a rocking controller underneath this comfy gaming computer chair. The smooth-rolling casters make movement and rotation like a piece of cake.

Adjustable Armrest

This computer gaming chair has a wider and comfortable armrest to give you the best sitting posture. The adjustable armrest feature of this gaming seat makes it perfect for people of different heights.

Dedicated Reclining Back

It reclines to a maximum of 170 degrees to provide you with the desired satisfaction. You can recline at 90 degrees, 110 degrees, and 170 degrees as per need. Refresh yourself after exhausting working hours by extending the footrest and taking a nap on 170 degrees recliner.

Bluetooth Sound System

Along with coziness, this music chair also has dual Bluetooth speakers on the back. You can connect them with your laptop, gaming console, smartphone, or any other device within the range of 5 meters. Just charge for three hours and get 5 to 6 hours of entertainment.

Comfy Footrest

To extend your comfort level, this popular gaming seat also has a retractable footrest. The footrest system promotes more relaxation while gaming and makes you feel like napping in the bed.

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List Of Pros

  • The GTracing GT890MF has a magnificent Bluetooth sound system.
  • To make it ideal for a range of people, it has an adjustable armrest and seat height.
  • A sturdy construction and premium quality material is used while manufacturing this game chair.
  • Has a high customer rating with all positive reviews.


GTracing GT890MF is available in 5 different colors and a starting price of $159. Find the best price deal to save more. It also provides a one year warranty so that you have a spectacular gaming experience. The company offers its valuable customers with free replacement of out of order parts for a whole year. If you are unsatisfactory with this gaming seat, you can get a free replacement or even a refund. Get this music gaming chair and enjoy a new world of gaming with superb fancy features.

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Other Buying Options

The GTracing GT890MF comes as all-in-one chair for gamers. Comes with a rocking functionality to prolong your gaming experience. Its modifiable height feature makes it the best for people of different heights. The weight limit is 300 pounds. Its grey color looks appealing and increases best suits with your room’s decor.

After going through the whole review of GTracing, we found the top 3 alternate options for buyers. Below are the other best selling gaming chairs bought by most gamers. Von Racer gaming chair made it #1 in the list while Respawn gaming chair is a runner up.

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