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Homall Gaming Chair

Do you spend most of your time on chair like many other people? If yes, then you must always try to find the chair that can provide you maximum comfort even if you sit for the whole day. This is why we are here today.

We know that relaxation plays very crucial role either you are professional gamer or an employee who needs to spend hours in office work. By using the PC gamer chair especially designed for this purpose you will probably get the amazing experience. Now, you will not have to stretch after hours of sitting.

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Overview of Homall Gaming Chair

The best and prominent attribute of the gamer chair is that they make you feel comfortable no matter how much hours you spend on it. Many people lose their right and healthy posture because of continuous sitting. However, with gaming chairs your posture will never get wrong. Homall has always provided people with best products, this leather chair is one of them. Let’s discuss it in detail.

A best gaming chair should always provide maximum easiness and helps in avoiding any kind of the back problems. When you are talking about the comfort, then you can’t ignore the homall. This is because of its highly durable, and affordable chairs.

Full Specifications

  • Type: Racer
  • Series: Ergonomic
  • Max Recommended Weight: 300 LBs
  • Max Recommended Height: 6’2″
  • Material: Leather
  • Seat: Shaping Sponge
  • Adjustment: Knee Tilt
  • Frame: Steel
  • Lift Mechanism: Class 3 gas lift
  • Armrests: Yes / Stabilizing
  • Swivel: 360 Degree
  • Max Recliner: 150°
  • Lumbar Cushion: Built-in
  • Headrest: Included
  • Wheels: Rubber PU
  • Weight: 42 lbs

Reasons To Buy Homall Gaming Chair

  • Homall is the top-rated pick for the cheapest gaming chair reviewed.
  • It has great reclining seat with rocking and locking functions.
  • The leather back, pillow and seat makes it strong enough to stay longer with you.
  • Has a good load bearing capacity that is 300 pounds.

Key Features

Let’s check the important features of homall gaming chair in detail.

1. Steel Body Frame

As we have described before, the molded foam utilized in this computer gamer chair is of very high quality. It makes sure that you are receiving the comfort while at the same time maintains the body posture. The good thing is it will neither wear out soon nor heat up early. You will also find a long-lasting steel frame in this item. Moreover, the leather outline contributes by making this product sturdy.

2. Multi-directional Wheels

Do you need to move around while sitting on chair? If yes, then the Multi-directional wheel of this homall racer gaming chair is going to serve you best. These wheels are super quiet that no one will notice your movement. The preferable thing is their workability on variety of surface conditions.

3. Uncomplicated Assembly

Most of the people hate the fact when they need to watch some videos, read instructions again and again to just assemble a chair. Well, with Homall gaming chair you will never face this difficulty because of its easiest assembly feature. All the parts are already available in the package.

3. Pillow For Lumbar Support

This chair not only provide enhanced comfort but also support. When you use ordinary chair you may feel pain at your back or neck. The common chair may also do not contain any support for these parts. However, with this product you will get the removable headrest and lumbar pillow support. You can easily adjust it according to your comfort level.

4. Reclining Seat

This chair contains multi-function seat. Why we are saying this? This is because of its rock and recline function. By using the recline function you can effortlessly tilt your seat between 90 to 180 degrees. All you have to do is to hold the knob and customize it according to your requirements. Secondly, the rocking function makes the seat move forth and back.

5. Adjustable Height

You can adjust this computer gamer chair according to your height with its height adjustment attribute. It means no more pains, and you can lock the chair at the perfect position w.r.t your body posture. Furthermore, the 360 degree swivel movements helps in making left, right, and back moves without any issue.


The regular price of homall gaming chair is $140. Checkout today’s deal for best price with available discount.

Available Buying Options

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Unboxing Video Review

The review concluded that Homall gaming chair has countless distinctive features, which you may not find in ordinary and similar computer gaming chairs. When you are using this chair, you will not have to worry about your posture.

The removable lumbar support and headrest pillow are just amazing and comes with matching color scheme. Either you are studying, working, or gaming this chair is going to help you in every aspect. Homall chair has added modern look, style, comfort, support, and durability in this chair.

There are other options for gamers to pick in case you are not satisfy with the specs of homall PC gaming chair. We have got the Gtracing gaming chair as the #1 alternative pick. The respawn 900 gaming chair along with the DXracer formula racing series gaming chair has also bought by other buyers.