HugHouse Musso Gaming Chair: Review, Full Specs and Price

If you are obsessed with quality, then we presented you Musso gaming chair by HugHouse. From head to the toe, every part has premium quality. This video gaming chair has a metal base. High-quality PU leather and memory foam is used in making this mind-blowing gamer chair. A thicker sponge of high-density having outstanding resilience and permeability offers desired pleasure. It has a wider back and wider seat cushion for ultimate comfort.

Its base is built from plastic. Durable universal mute wheels are connected to the base increases maneuverability. It is specially designed in the muscular shape to ensure the best sitting posture. This innovative design minimizes back pain and increases blood circulation. This countered racing chair has segmented back padding for utmost comfort. As nothing comes flawless so with a few downsides it’s still a good choice to consider.

It is also equipped with removable and wider armrests. The armrests can also move about an inch in the inward or outward direction. So set the armrest height and width and feel the pleasurable gaming experience. It can be your working partner or the best gaming companion.

Primary Features

Hughouse is listed among top 10 gamer chairs due to below mentioned prominent specification:

Premium Quality

Its skeleton is made from metal. Best quality PU leather is used in it. The full memory foam padding fits in your body providing the best posture. The base is made up of plastic and has casters for easy mobility.

Muscular Shape

Keeping your best posture in mind, it is specially made in muscular shape. This ergonomic design gives contoured support to your neck and back. It can also help in reducing the pressure on your back and improves blood circulation.

Rocking Controller

There is a rocking controller underneath the chair. You can tight or unscrew it by moving clockwise and anticlockwise. The rocking functionality lets you enjoy a toughly rocking of 10 degree. You can also get a smooth rocking of 20 degrees.

Wider Armrest

This gaming chair has a wider armrest. You can remove the armrest if you ever desire. It has a unique quality to go inward and outward about an inch. This office chair also allows you to extend the armrest according to your height and comfort.

Lumbar Pillow

This stylish chair comes with a lumbar pillow. The pillow offers great support for long-duration comfy sitting. You can also remove it. You just have to open the straps from the back.

Reclining Lever

On the right side, behind armrest, there is a lever. Move the lever to get a satisfying recliner position. The chair allows four recliner options. You can recline to 90 degree for work, 110 degree to play the game, 140 degree to read a book, or 170 degree to rest.

Adjustable According To Height

Whether you are smart or fat, tall or small, it will be the best choice for you. This gaming seat is offered in five different colors and four different sizes. The overall height of this gaming chair is about 54 inches. The seat has 21 inches depth and 20.8 inches in width. The base is 22 inches high and 27.5 inches wide. Its armrests are 9.8 inches long with a 23 inches wider back. It is best suitable for a 5.7 inches to 6.7 inches tall person. Moreover, you can adjust the chair’s height as per preference.

More Weight Carrying Capacity

It can accommodate a maximum load of 240 pounds. The maximum load capacity varies from size to size. You can utilize this game chair wherever you want.

Warranty Policy

If you ever encounter any problem in your gaming chair, you can replace it within a month. You can even get a refund if the product does not meet your expectations. The comfy chair by HugHouse also bestowed you with a one year warranty. So that you can play stress-free.

Reasons To Buy

Below are several pros that are the reason to buy Hughouse gamer chair:

  • Assembly of this gaming seat is just like a piece of cake as it only took 30 minutes or less.
  • All the required installation tools are included in the package.
  • Encounter any problem with the chair, no problem at all.
  • You are free to replace this game chair within a month. If you are unsatisfied with your gamer chair, get can get a refund.
  • As per the quality, it is the best choice for enthusiasm gamers but it’s a little bit expensive.
  • It is complained by users that the lower part of this video gaming chair is too narrow.
  • The overall package also includes installation tools, gloves, a user manual, and a surprise gift.
  • Its orange and black color combination looks unique and attractive.
  • Its amazing comfort along with a sophisticated appearance is worth buying.


Though it doesn’t have any headrest still the head area is super comfortable. Its super comfy removable lumbar pillow ensures a coziness during long gaming sessions. Open the straps from the back if you wish to remove it. It is difficult to sit still for a long period. The rocking functionality lets you move your body while changing positions. With this game chair, you can enjoy a smooth rocking of 20 degrees and a tough rocking of 10 degrees. Hughouse chair may be the one of the Gifts For Gamers They Will Always Love.

You are also free to select any backrest angle that best suits your mood. From 90 to 170-degrees you can go with any recliner. The reclining lever is can be accessed from the right side without any difficulty. For your ease, the manufacturers have suggested different reclining angles from different activities. Work perfectly on 90, play excitedly on 110, read attentively on 140, or rest casually on 170.

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