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Respawn 900 Gaming Chair Review

If you are obsessed with playing games and need a sophisticated chair then look no further. Respawn 900 recliner chair will satisfy all your gaming requirements. This super comfy game chair is recommended with all popular gaming consoles including Xbox One, Nintendo 64, GameBoy and a lot more. From head to toe, each and every bit and piece is built from premium quality material.

It is also listed among top 7 best gaming chairs of 2020 that are top rated after GCG tested review. You can watch your favorite comedy movie to cheer up yourself. Play action games, work, read a newspaper, or rest, this game chair will be your best companion. Anyone less than 275 pounds can get benefits from this comfortable recliner. The seat is perfect to sit from a kid to a 6 feet adult can use it without any issues.

Key Specifications

Respawn 900 comes along specs much more than expectations. Read the primary specs to know more about features list:

Soft Head Pillow

This gaming seat possesses a comfortable head pillow that will provide magnificent support to your head and neck. This plush headrest is removable and also allows you to adjust its position without any difficulty.

Nice Segmented Padding

Its seat has segmented padding that is specially designed to keep the human body in mind. This comfy padding keeps your spine align and offers ultimate comfort while playing favorite games.

Recliner Modes

For your utmost comfort, this computer gaming chair has 135 degrees recliner. With extended footrest, you can take quick naps and refresh your mind for further gaming. Its 360 degrees turn round functionality ensure flexible mobility.

Classy Footrest

This gamer chair has a classy footrest that will extend your comfort. With the side lever, you can change the footrest position and play with supreme relaxation. The seat and footrest are on the same surface but both are operated independently.

Removable Pouch

This game chair comes with a removable side pouch that hangs on the left side of the seat. You can keep your gaming controls, headphones, and other accessories in it so that you can play with the concentration and score more.

Cup Holder

Passionate games play without taking care of their health. This gaming chair has a special built-in cup holder that will keep the gamer dehydrated and healthy. The cup holder is located on the left side so that you can drink without pausing the game.

Strong Pedestal Base

This chair for gaming utilizes a pedestal base for solid construction. The pedestal base is made up of metal and offers wonderful support so that you can recline and extend the footrest with confidence.

Reasons To Buy

  • A stylish extendable footrest.
  • Removable pouch is also available with this gamer chair to hold your accessories.
  • It has a built-in cup holder to keep your drinks near you.
  • The company provides a lifetime warranty.

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Price & Buying Options

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Top Alternatives

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Final Verdict

The overall chair has segmented padding that bestows you will pleasant sitting experience. This comfy padding keeps your spine align. Even after playing for hours, the headrest pillow extends the comfort level and keep your neck free from pain. The plush headrest pillow is removable so that you can easily separate it from the rest of the chair when not in use. It possesses padded armrests that offer magnificent support to your elbow. They are 21 inches long and 6 inches wide. These cozy armrests keep arms straight and prevent them from any pressure.

Although the seat and footrest are a joined surface, both of them operate independently. Its wide backrest reclines to a maximum of 135 degrees. The reclining back gives you extreme relaxation while laying down on any of the reclining angles. You can change the recliner angle from the right-hand side without any difficulty.

This awesome recliner gaming chair also has a cup holder. This cup holder is located on the left armrest so that you can keep yourself dehydrated without stop playing. It also has a removable side pouch to keep your remote control and other belongings near you. This best gaming chair also features a sturdy pedestal base that allows you to swivel at 360 degrees. After working or endless playing, this gaming chair will fade up your tiredness with its extendible footrest. Just hold the lever on the right side, push it inward, and take a deep nap to bless your body with coziness.

This reclining gaming chair has 30 inches in width, 35 inches in depth, and 44 inches in height. The seat’s width is almost 19 inches that provide sufficient space to fit a bulky person too. As upholstery, wood along with leather is used while manufacturing it. It has a robust metal construction that is made to last longer. Its amazing comfort along with a sophisticated appearance is worth buying with a lifetime warranty to provide you with non-stoppable fun. So win your desired game while sitting on the most comfortable gamer chair.