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Secretlab Titan Series Stealth Gaming Chair

The fabric used while manufacturing is SoftWeave fabric made from dense yarn and has a soft and fluffy texture. This fabric is breathable to offer maximum comfort during long hours of sitting. The frame is made up of steel to offer long-term usage. To offer you the next level of comfort, it has cold-core foam that provides exceptional support along with immaculate comfort. Cold-cure foam is used throughout the chair due to its beneficial support for your posture and magnificent firmness.

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Its integrated built-in lumbar support can be adjusted with the flick of a finger. Just rotate the side knob to and set the desired depth for lumbar support without any extra pillow. The headrest is made from denser memory foam that conforms according to the curvature of the body. This head pillow also has a cooling get coating that enables you to stay calm along with superb support.

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Get mesmerizing resting position with its wonderful four-directional armrests. These full-metal armrests offer excellent ease of customizability to bestow you with exact support. To achieve a perfect resting position, you can move them in right, left, up, down, forward, backward, angular right, and angular left. They have concave PU padding that ensures that your arm stays in the right position without putting a lot of pressure on them.

This versatile gamer chair is coupled with a full-length backrest that allows you to enjoy any reclining angle. So study, watch movies, play, or even take a powerful nap on your desired lockable reclining position with dream-lime comfort. It also features a lockable multi-tilt system that adapts according to your preference.


For your absolute peace of mind, this top gaming chair is equipped with a class-4 robust gas piston that is well-known for its safety, stability, and sturdiness. For improved structural integrity, this base has extra ribs and gussets. To acquire surprising consistency, it has an aluminum alloy base with XL PU casters. These caster wheels are quiet and have stunning maneuverability over any floor.

Key Specifications

Secret lab titan series comes packed with spectacular specs. Lets walk-through the most prominent features:

Exceptional Upholstery

This Titan series chair is manufactured from durable PU leather and has cold-cure foam padding. The steel skeleton ensures enough firmness that stays with you for years. This chair for games is fitted with a top-notch quality aluminum wheelbase.

High-quality Leather

To get an extraordinary comfy feeling, this game chair has 2.0 PE leather that ensures magnificent abrasion and flexing resistance. This Prime leather is four times stronger and is impervious to almost any small accidents.

Adjustable Waist Pillow

This advanced feature of the Titan Series will blow your mind. That feature is a brilliant lumber supporter without any lumbar pillow. Just by rotating the knob locating on one side of the gaming seat, you can painlessly adjust the waist pillow. Adjust the desired depth and offer yourself personalized back support.

4D Armrests

With the improved four-directional armrests, you can enhance your sitting position. These armrests are upgraded with an internal metal mechanism that provides astonishing durability. Move the armrests in any direction and get a superb comfortable sitting position.

Adjustable Backrest

This comfortable gaming chair gives you full control right at your fingertips. Its tilting feature adopts according to preference without any hesitations. Choose any backrest angle, lock it there and enjoy your gaming, movies, and a powerful nap.

Long Term Warranty

This gamer chair provides a mind-blowing warranty of up to 5 years. Three years of warranty that covers all functional parts of the chair with 2 years extended warranty. For any dissatisfaction, you can return the product with 49 days and can easily get a refund.

Big and Tall Seat

The gamer chair can accommodate up to 290lbs without any trouble. The recommended height for Titan Stealth is from 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 7 inches. This Titan series gaming seat is designed for almost everyone to get maximum fun from gaming.

Reasons To Buy Secret Lab Titan Chair

  • Premium quality NAPA leather, steel frame, and a superb comfy cold-cure foam is used in the manufacturing.
  • With its 4D armrests you can enjoy a balanced sitting poster. These armrests let you adjust them in right, angular right, left, angular left, up, down, forward, and backward direction.
  • With an upgraded memory foam pillow get extremely comfortable while anticipating gaming.
  • The cooling gel layer of these supporting pillows enables you to stay cool during long gaming sessions.
  • Personalize your sitting position with the lockable multi tilt mechanism. With the full-back recliner, take a sweet nap and get ready to game again.
  • Seat has an aluminum base that has XL casters. These PU casters are durable, quiet, glide smoothly on the floor, and don’t bump at all.
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The regular price of Secret lab titan series chair is $499. Find the best price here to buy this chair at a discounted price.

More Buying Options

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Final Words

Secretlab Stealth Titan is well-known for its ampler space and the highest level of customizability. It is perfect for an adult having a maximum of 6 feet and seven inches of height. It can effortlessly accommodate up to 290 pounds of weight without any difficulty. This gaming computer chair bestows its users with remarkable 5 years of extended warranty. Unfortunately, if you have received any defective product, the company facilitates its users with the 49 days return policy with a full refund. Get immersed in your enchanting games with this ultra-comfy chair for gaming.