Staples Faux Leather Gaming Chair | Review, Guide, Specs & Price

Either you are an intense gamer or spend day and night in office, you need a comfortable chair which helps you avoid the back suffering. This is because there is not a big difference between ideal office and perfect computer chair. When you are selecting the best chair, you need to keep several crucial factors in your mind. However, the first thing you should look for is that either the specific gamer seat will help you in maintaining the ideal posture or not?

We know that its not easy to sit on couch and play latest PC games for hours. Gamer should adopt right sitting posture to avoid back pain. The game chairs are composed in such a way that they provide more backrests and additional keep up to the entire body. These are the must have things when you are spending hours on chair. However, we know that it is not easy to locate one best chair when thousands of options are present in front of you.

For you ease and convenience we have reviewed one of the top rated gaming and office chair named as staples. It is famous among customers because of its eye-catching design, beautiful black and grey color combination, durability, cushioning, modifications, and much more. In this review, we have discussed this chair in detail.


In this computer game chair, you will find many attractive qualities which will make you fall in love with it. First of all, the delineation of this best item is contemporary yet comfy. It consists of black and grey mixture which is preferred by many users. Along with these colors it also contains matching stitching and gray shade blocks.

If you put this in your room, sitting area, gaming zone, or in working area it will contribute by giving a stylish look. The faux leather stuff of this product creates it durable. In this item you will find an adjustment knob which helps in making the suitable according to your orientation. The tilt lock present in the chair ensures that every position is secured. Furthermore, the level is here for you if you want to adjust the height of this gamer chair.

The most important factor which most of the individual looks for is the seat which should be plush. Well, STAPLES has provided this feature in pc chair. You will find foam at the center of the chair while the sides are padded and cushioned. This gaming computer chair is appropriate for the person having weight 275 lbs. The mass of this item is 40 pounds and dimensions are 30.8 x 25.5 x 13.8 inches.

Key Specifications

If we called this chair as mid-range gaming office chair then it is not wrong. Furthermore, this version is faultless for those having short legs. Let’s highlight some significant characteristics of the Staples chair.

Spectacular Design

If you are a player who wants a chair that is restful, latest and also helps you in moving your game to next level this is the one right for you. The grey and black combo along with exemplary stitching outline forms it loved by many buyers. To further enhance its look STAPLES has added gray color blocks in the PC gamer chair.

Premium Quality Material

It comes with the faux leather which is super soft and long-lasting. We know that when you have to sit for many hours then you look for a sitting place which is soft. At the middle of this chair foam is placed while at the sides padding and cushioning is done. These things all together make sure to provide maximum easement and softness even if you sit on chair for whole day.

Headrest & Cushion

The padded headrest available in this chair is all you need to provide some rest to your head after sitting for hours. This headrest along with the cushions makes sure to keep the body at the right position and provides enough relaxation. We must say that this chair provides best sitting experience.

Dedicated Adjustment

Another amazing feature of the STAPLES chair is its adjustable knob. By using this knob you can uncomplicated make changing in position according to your comfort level. Moreover, it provides lock by which you can lock the placement and prevents falling. Isn’t it just amazing? Of course it is.

Mid Range Chair

As we have mentioned before this is a real mid range office computer chair. This is because it is recommended for person having almost 275 lbs weight. It contains adjustable armrests. This chair is absolute for those having short legs. So, if you are short person and searching for a chair with maximum gladdening then go for it.

Lumbar Support

With this amazing chair by STAPLES you will also get the lumbar reinforcement. If you are person who is facing some lower back soreness then you can choose this chair to deal with it. Most of the people start getting aching after lying for couple of hours. However, with this chair it is not going to happen.

Easy Assembly

It provides super easy directions for assembly. In other words, it is going to save a lot of your time.

List Of Pros

STAPLES is one of the best computer game chair you will ever find. By looking at its attributes you will understand how flawless and comfy it is. The adjustable option, along with its soft and heavy-duty matter makes it fit for nearly everyone.

  • Contains headrest which provides enhanced comfort
  • Get high quality faux leather substance.
  • It is stylish, comfy, stuffed, and appealing
  • Provides height accommodation option. Furthermore, you will also receive lumbar aid.
  • You can easily get together this chair within no time


Staples is one of the cheap gaming chair with the price range of $220-$299. See the available deal for the best price option.

Other Buying Options

Our review concluded below chairs as top alternative options of staples to buy. Checkout why sellers love these alternate chairs.

Final Verdict

We know that its really hard for anyone to find a best chair for you especially if you are buying it for the first time. If you are also one of them then this article is going to save your life. Nowadays, most of the people spend time while seating on chairs either you are in office, home, gaming zone, or at any other place. So, why not to get maximum comfort even while sitting? Isn’t is what most of us want?

The modern look of the chair is highly appreciated by different purchasers. If you are a person who always go for stylish outcomes then this is the one for you. All you need is to setup it and adjust it according to your height and pose. You will never face any kind of back pain with this pc gamer chair. We hope you find this article informative. If you think it satisfy all your requirements then go for it.

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