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Thermaltake X Comfort Tt eSPORTS XC500 Gaming Chair

Having a picky nature or a sensitive body, both create problems. There are a lot of gaming chairs on the market. But compared to a Thermaltake X Comfort XC500, no one else has heavenly comfort. For a sensational comfort, this gaming chair stood first on our list due to its fancy features that meet your standards. Luxurious comfort. Spending a lot of money only for playing games isn’t a valuable decision. Also see the guide To Sit Up Straight To Improve Your Posture during gaming.

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Overview of Thermaltake Gaming Chair

A game chair used for multi-purposes is the best chair indeed. That’s why this gaming seat can be used anywhere anytime you want. Work at the office or rest in your room. Watch favorite TV shows or a thrilling movie. Read a horror novel, or achieve the highest score in your game. You can utilize this super comfy computer gaming chair for multiple purposes. With this computer gaming chair remove your fatigue, release stress, and enjoy a healthy body.

An impeccable gaming chair must have a design that improves your posture. This gamer chair possesses a super comfy anti-fatigue design. The design has special segments for shoulder, head, arm, and lumbar support. The vertical and depth adjustment feature support your back and waist. The contour design in the middle of the seat provides good support to your legs. The whole design helps in attaining a healthy sitting posture.

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The wider lumbar pillow ensures extreme comfort. It also features a removable head pillow for your coziness. Each and every feature of this video gaming chair is customizable. This splendid gaming seat has four-dimensional armrest. Rather than traditional two-dimensional armrest, you are indorsed to achieve a perfect setting. To attain an accurate position move them up, down, left, and right. These armrests prevent wrist pressure by providing phenomenal support.

It also allows you to adjust the backrest effortlessly. You can get a pleasant experience with any desired backrest position. From a 90 degree angle to 160, you can choose any for an optimal sitting position. It features Z support and multi reclining function with a locking system. Its secure rocking system does not put any fatigue on your muscles.

Thermaltake Gaming Chair Specifications

Thermaltake X Comfort Tt eSPORTS XC500 comes loaded with a range of features:

Multi-Purpose Chair

It is a multi-purpose chair. You can utilize it in your office for productive work. In your home, you can read a book, watch a favorite TV show or a movie in the comfort. You can also use it to boost your score in any anticipated game.

Dense Foam

From top to the bottom of the seat, it has a comfy construction that will never lose its shape. For the best ergonomic support, a dense form is used in creating such a masterpiece. This 75kg/M3 density foam supports body weight with maximum comfort.

4D Armrest

With four directional armrest settings, this is definitely the premium gaming computer chair. You can acquire a suitable place for your arms by moving the armrest to left, right, up, or down. So get your desired height and width by adjusting the armrests and get relieved from wrist pressure.

Ergonomic Body Design

To attain an appropriate posture, Thermaltake Gaming Chair has all adjustable features. For an ergonomic design, it has a denser foam padded seat. It also holds a backrest along with lumbar support. A five-point base and hydraulic height adjustment results in a durable and comfortable gaming chair.

Back Recliner

Thermaltake Gaming Chair facilitates the users with an adjustable tilting system. With rising and reducing the tension and matching your weight, it ensures secure rocking. You can select the preferable angle from 90 to 160 degrees for the best sitting posture.

Aluminum Base

Thermaltake Gaming Chair has an aluminum base. It is specially designed to accommodate a maximum of 300 pounds weight. As compared to a nylon base, this aluminum base is sturdier and lasts longer. It has 70 cm width and due to internal structure, it’s more stable.

Caster Wheels

These three inches caster wheels are responsible for enhancing the base support whilst used. They increase maneuverability and adds stability. Due to their wider base, they are quieter in operation.

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Reasons To Buy Thermaltake Gaming Chair

  • Sitting in it keeps your posture perfect and remove stress from the back.
  • It is the best gaming seat for tall and large persons.
  • This super comfy chair has two years of warranty.
  • It has a supportive seat and a super classy look.

Other Buying Options

Without any fuss, you can assemble Thermaltake Gaming Chair by yourself. The company has also provided with an installation video to aid their customers. The company also bestows its precious costumers with a 2 years warranty. With all the impressive features at a high cost, it also lacks in few features. Though it’s a little steep, it worth its price. As health is wealth, so don’t compromise on your health. It works pretty well for a person from 5.7 to 6.2 feet.

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Compare to its comfort these features are not important at all. If you are not satisfied yet then checkout the following 3 alternates loved by other buyers.


With this sensational gaming seat, bring luxurious comfort in your home. So get this super comfy video gaming chair that will convert your tiring day into a pleasant one. Checkout the best price deal available today.

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