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Vitesse Gaming Chair

Are you addicted to play games? Playing video games requires a decent gaming seat. If you are out of your budget and still love to get a gaming seat, then no worries. The Vitesse Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair is the most affordable option you can buy now. From comfort to sturdy construction, vitesse has all impressive features desired by any gamer. Be sure to read our selection of the best gaming chairs at any budget.

Due to its various features at such an economical price, this cheap gaming chair gets the second position on our list. Its curved shaped design plays an important role in supporting your neck, spine, and even waist.


Overview of Vitesse Gaming Chair

For ease of mobility, vitesse gaming chair has 360-degree swivel. Use it in your office, gaming room, or anywhere. Its padded seat will satisfy you everywhere. The seat has 30 inches of width and 22 inches of width. The seating area is 15 inches wide and has 20.5 inches depth. The height of the base is 15 inches with an extension of 3.5 inches.


It has a heavy-duty metal base. Class-3 Gas lift is used with the base which is explosion-proof, safe, verified by SGC, and very reliable. This five-point base is connected with PU rubber casters. These casters let you enjoy your game while watching you in silence. They don’t make any noise nor put scratches on your floor.

The headrest pillow provides proficient head and neck support. Its curved shape is perfect for spine support. Whereas, for waist support, it is equipped with a waist supporter. In combination, vitesse ergonomic design improves your posture and prevents sore muscles.

List of Specifications

  • Type: Ergonomic
  • Series: Racing
  • Max Recommended Weight: 300 LBs
  • Max Recommended Height: 6 Feet / Adjustable
  • Seat Material: Leather
  • Body: Metal Frame
  • Lift Mechanism: Class-3 Gas Lift
  • Armrests: Adjustable
  • Casters: PU Rubber
  • Swivel: 360 Degree
  • Adjustable Recliner: 135°
  • Lumbar Cushion: Built-in
  • Headrest: Included / Adjustable
  • Chair Weight: 22 kg
  • Warranty: 3 Months

Key Features of Vitesse Gaming Chair

1. Durable & Comfortable Seat

This gaming seat offers a strong frame along with a thicker cushion. Explosion proof Class-3 gas lift increases the durability. The casters are quiet and don’t leave scratches on the floor. Its durable construction provides neck, spine and waist support.

2. Wider Sitting Area

Its wider seat ensures an extra relaxing experience. The seat has high intensity-steel and a padded cushion. Its seating area is 14 inches in width and 21 inches in depth. Whereas, the backrest is 22 inches wide and 32 inches long.

3. Adjustable Rear Angle

From 90 degrees to 80 degrees you can choose any back angle. Work at 90°, play games at 110°, watch TV shows at 150° or take a nap at 180°, the choice is all yours. This feature lets you do whatever you want at your own comfort level.

4. Removable Headrest

This super cheap vitesse gaming chair has a removable head cushion. This head pillow approximately covers the whole seat to provide you with a comfy feeling. Use the headrest and feel your neck muscles at ease.

5. Lumbar Support

The removable lumbar cushion provides ultimate support to your back. You can also modify its position as per preference. This lumbar supporting pillow also helps a lot in maintaining a healthy sitting posture.

6. Comfy Rocking Mode

Vitesse gaming chair has a rocking function. You can enjoy a tough rocking of 10 degrees. 20 degrees rocking is also there to choose. Adjusting the rocking is as easy as a piece of cake. Just tight or loose the rocking controller places below the seat.

7. Max Load Capacity

With 300 pounds of load capacity and affordable cost, it is indeed the good vitesse gaming chair. It works much better for a small and thin person. A person having 5 feet to almost 6 feet height, finds it comfortable as compare to the tallest one.

Reasons To Buy Vitesse Gaming Chair

  • Comes within an cheap price.
  • The assembly instruction can be understood without any confusion.
  • Its curved shape plays an important role in keeping a healthy posture.
  • The soft armrest of this vitesse computer gaming chair has a fixed height.
  • Its big and wider backrest provides a relaxing feeling.
  • By keeping your utmost comfort in mind, it offers various reclining angles. This angle adjustment helps you in selecting a preferable angle that fits your needs.


The regular price of Vitesse Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair is $159. Also check the latest deal for available discount and offers.

Buying Options

Get this cheap vitesse gaming chair if you love playing games and have a low budget. If you are not satisfy with the waleaf, the checkout top selling options. Buyers are mostly interested in the below other gaming chairs.

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The metal frame of vitesse gaming chair uses high-density steel is more vigorous for long term usage. Quality carbon fiber leather looks stylish and provides a passionate racing feel. This gaming seat uses a high-density integrated sponge. These quality-material offers excellent elasticity and coziness you desire.

This vitesse gaming chair also features rocking. You can enjoy any of the two available rocking functions. Tight or loose the rocking from the screw beneath the seat. These are tough and smooth rocking. At an angle of 10 degrees, you can get tough rocking.

On the other hand, on 20-degrees, you can amuse with smooth rocking. From the lever below the seat, you can lock or unlock the rocking functionality with ease. Its armrest has fixed height. But the overall performance vitesse gaming chair is a great as compared to its reasonable cost.