Von Racer High Back Computer Gaming Chair

It is the best seat that works perfectly for a gaming room as well as for an officer. Whether you play or work for a long session, von racer gaming chair will make you comfortable in any condition. Its various backrest angles satisfy your all activities like work, gaming, watching, reading, and relaxing. You are free to select the most suitable backrest position for multitasking.

For your ease, the reclining angle for every activity is described in the product details. As per manufacturers, 90° is best for a working mode. On 120° you can read a book in full comfort. Watching mode on 150° is a combination of fun and relaxation.

Taking rest at 175° is best to remove all your stress and body pain. So adjust the desired backrest position and lock it with the help of angle adjustment lever. This lever is located below the seat.

Full Specifications

  • Series: Racing
  • Type: Ergonomic
  • Max Recommended Weight: 250 LBs
  • Max Recommended Height: 6’2″
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Frame: Metal
  • Swivel: 360°
  • Wheel: Caster
  • Height: Adjustable
  • Max Recliner: 175°
  • Lumbar Cushion: Built-in
  • Headrest: Included
  • Lumbar Cushion: Included
  • Massage Pillow: Yes
  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Overview of Von Racer Gaming Chair

For pro gamers, there is nothing better than von racer gaming chair. Playing games provides them with happiness and joy. After all the fun when you become tired, you will probably need complete rest. From an adventurous gaming journey to a complete relaxing mode, Von Racer gaming chair provides you all.

von racer gamer chair

The von racer computer gaming chair allows you to customize it as you desire. Its height regulating mechanism lets you modify the height that is best for you. Just move the lever below the seat and achieve the desired height of the gaming seat. With the smooth casters, you can move freely and play in a preferable position. The backrest position can also be customized according to your needs.

Key Features

Von racer is a true choice of gamers due to its amazing features. Lets walk-through the primary specs below:

Ultra Comfortable Design

It is specially made by putting attention to every bit and piece. Von racer gaming chair uses an exclusive high-quality material. Its construction consists of a metal frame along with a nylon base.

Waist Massager

Its lumbar support has a remarkable massage system. With the help of USB electric massager, you can fade away your fatigue and soothe sore muscles. So play and refresh your mind whereas the massage will heal your body.

Adjustable Backrest

Adjust the backrest angles as per need. Whether you are in working mode, reading mode, watching mode or even rest mode, you will feel complete relaxation. As you can apply different reclining options as per your mode.

Folding Footrest

To give you an extraordinarily pleasant experience, von racer gaming chair has a foldable footrest. Put the footrest out when you are watching a thrilling movie. Fold it back under the seat, when not in use.

Flat Seat

Its flat seat has a thicker cushion to bless you with extraordinary comfort. The flat positioned seat is good for your posture and reduces back pain. The seating area has 21 inches of width and 32 inches of height.

Modifiable Height

With height regulating mechanism, you can effortlessly modify height. Get the desired height from the lever below the seat. Adjust the required seat’s height for ease of multitasking.

Reliable Customer Service

This gaming seat offers its valuable customers with excellent customer support service. The support team quickly solves your queries. For your peace of mind, the manufactures also offer a one-year limited warranty to meet any defect.

Primary Reasons To Buy Von Racer

Below are the pros and reasons to buy Von Racer gamer chair:

  • This computer game chair is equipped with thicker armrests and a comfy head area. You can adjust the height of armrests.
  • Its superior waist massage will bless you with countless health benefits. This remarkable USB electric massager removes fatigue and helps in improving blood flow.
  • Play the desired game and refresh your mind while the massage will cure your body. The massage pillow is adjustable so that you can modify it as per your preference.
  • Von racer gaming chair also offers a collapsible footrest to bestow you with extraordinary comfort.
  • Its skeleton is made up of metal while the base is constructed from nylon. The base has smooth casters that enable 360-degrees swivel.
  • The international standard gas spring is explosion-proof and stable. Its flat seat has thicker cushion for the utmost comfortability.
  • The flat styled seat improves your posture and reduces the back pain. Its ultra-high backrest aligns and supports your spine.

Unboxing Assembly & Video Review


Its retractable footrest and adjustable armrests, all parts enables you to modify them as you wish. To maximize your gaming experience, this video game chair offers a one year warranty. With a one year warranty, von racer gaming chair also possesses excellent customer service. Their customer support team is always there to solve your problems.


It is the best choice for a tall people. It stands among top 5 comfortable video game chairs so checkout more details about price as it won’t disappoint in any aspect. The regular price of von racer gaming chair is $170. Checkout the deal to find the best price and available discount options.