X Rocker Gaming Chair: Specs, Review, Price & Pros

X Rocker Gaming Chair is the ultimate source of full throttle amazing experience for every gamer. For your freedom of movement, this game chair is provided with tilt and swivel features. It is built from attractive black leather. Its padded headrest provides great support to your head. Its Upholstery Vinyl cover is easy to clean and comfortable to use. It has a pedestal base.

For long-lasting usage, it has a durable base. You can also use the chair direct on the floor without a base. It has stable lift-up armrest. You cannot change its height. For ease of storage, you can fold it effortlessly. You just have to put the clip out from the back, then fold the chair and put the clip back.

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For multiple gaming modes, you can connect other X Rocker chair to your audio source. It has a limited warranty of 3 months. If you get a damaged product or any part is missing, you can report within 14 days. Watching TV, reading a book, or playing your favorite game.So just utilize this cheap gamer chair for all-purpose.


X Rocker is a brand that is trusted by many gamers. This comfortable gaming chair has a soft seat with an extraordinary sound system install by sides. Enjoy a good quality sound with an adventure game. Its dual speakers are located on both sides of the headrest. It uses a special Audio force modulation (AFM) mechanism to provide you with quality sound.

For a deep entanglement into the game, it has a subwoofer. The subwoofer bestows you with a bombastic feel through vibration. Feel yourself more immerse with the game, due to the vibrations produced by the subwoofer. Don’t forget to view the similar and another comfortable gamer chair for yourself and that’s the Von Racer.

This gaming seat incorporates a wireless audio transmitter. Put the sound adopter in your TV and enjoy the wireless sound experience. It also contains required cables for sound system connectivity. Connect it to an MP3 player or other gaming resources and feel the thunder in your seat.

x rocker gaming chair

Full Specifications

There is a long list of features that x rocker can deliver. Overall it is a complete sitting solution for gamers. Walk-through the primary specs.


This black leather chair can be used for various purposes. You can utilize it as a game chair or enjoy music to relax your mind. Watch movies, TV or read the desired book, this chair will satisfy all your needs.

Vibration System

This popular seat has a subwoofer to bestow you with an immersive vibration feeling. The subwoofer located at the back of the seat intensify your game, music or anything you watch.

Wireless Sound Technology

This stylish gamer chair has a wireless sound transmitter. With the help of this transmitter, you can hear the sound vividly. You can also connect cables for this purpose or use a headphone.

Easy Collapsibility

For storage, you can fold this chair without any difficulty. Just put out the clip located on the back, push the headrest towards the seat. When the chair is completely bent, put the clip back on its place.

Full Compatibility

You can connect this gaming seat to Xbox, Gameboy, MP3, Play Station, CD, DVD, and home theater. It doesn’t directly connect to PlayStation 4, HDMI gaming system such as Xbox one. You would need an adopter for connecting such systems.

Adjustable Volume

Its sides control panel offers you the command to your entire room. The control panel is located on the right side of the chair. You can adjust the desirable volume from here.

Stable Armrest

It has stable armrests with lift-up function. The armrests are robust along with a modern appearance. The silver color armrest looks stunning with the shining black leather.

List Of Pros

  • Plug your earphones and adjust the volume and bass as per desire. The control panel has a power button, headphone and other jets for connecting to the desired consoles.
  • Enjoy a new level of gaming experience with this incredible chair. You can also connect PS4 controllers to this chair using the control panel.
  • It has about 50 pounds of weight. It can accommodate a maximum of 275lbs weight.
  • It is suitable for short to a tall person. Even if you are above six feet, you will still feel comfy in it.

Price & Deals

X rocker doesn’t only have great features but also comes with great value. It also has all the features required for playing exciting games. So buy x rocker gaming chair and play like a pro.

X Rocker Today’s Deal

Other Buying Options

Below are top alternative chairs to buy. These are well tested and reviewed as rival of x rocker.


As a final verdict, we will surely recommend X Rocker because it is listed #2 in our list of best gaming chairs. It is affordable at price and produces an enchanting environment with vibration and sound system.

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Due to its popularity and sound system, this X Rocker XE 2.1 gets the third place overall. So, hook this up to your desired gaming system and get an enthralling gaming experience. Its control panel lies on the right side of the chair. If you are still not satisfied with this product, we recommend to see the Ficmax Gaming Chair as alternate choice.